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Price Iron Traders

Price Iron Traders is a family-owned and operated scrap metal business in the centre of Hyderabad. In India, we have powerful commercial dealers that enable us to pay the best price. This implies we pay 99 percent of the time more than our rivals. Aluminum Scrap, Battery Scrap, Brass Scrap, Computer Scrap, Conveyor Belt, Copper Scrap, Demolishing Work, DG Set, Electrical Scrap, Eva Rubber, Ferrous And Nonferrous, GI Scrap, Glass Scrap, Iron Pipes Scrap, Steel Pipes Scrap, Iron Scrap, Lead Scrap, Motor Parts Scrap, Nickel Scrap, etc.

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DG Set

Buyer of DG Sets in Hydeabad A diesel generator generates electricity by combining a diesel engine with an electrical generator (also known as an alternator). A diesel generator combines a diesel engine with an electric generator to generate electricity (typically an alternator). This is an example of a generator-engine. Despite the fact that most diesel compression-ignition engines are designed to run on diesel fuel, several types have been adapted to run on other liquid fuels or natural gas.

Electrical Scrap

In the city, there is an electrical scrap buyer. We will collect your electrical scrap from your home, office, factory, or business. We Will Offer You The Best & Highest Price In The Market For Electrical Scrap. Because we get our price from an electrical scrap company directly.

Old Air Condition

24x7 professional service. Contact us for value proposition. Skilled Teams. Mechanised Approach. Comprehensive Solutions. Customers trust and safety is our profit so we have strict criteria for our supportive staff.

Old Machinery

We are a full-service Old Machinery company not only focused on the quality of the Old Machinery service but are also keep our service pricing in your bugget and expectations set to make it an unforgettable.

Aluminium Scarp

In the city, there is an aluminium scrap buyer. We will collect your aluminium scrap from your home, office, factory, or business. We'll Provide You With The Best & Highest Price For Aluminum Scrap Available On The Market.

Battery Scrap

Price Iron Traders is a well-known buyer of battery scrap. One of the leading consumers and importers of battery scrap is Price Iron Traders Group. All types of battery scrap are dealt with by us.

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We purchase all kinds of iron scrap, steel scrap, household, office, and industrial scrap, including ferrous and nonferrous metals. Stainless steel, aluminium, general waste, paper & cardboard, plastics & wood, electrical waste, building/construction waste, cable wire, copper scrap, empty bottles, and other materials.

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